Vote on the first new Beginners Event to take place this Summer!


As part of our Survey it was shown that we should put on more events for people new to Linux and Open Source. The topics below were some ideas that people are happy to present on or were suggested during the Survey. Please let us know your preference for the first event :wink:

  • WINE - We had a request for help on using WINE - This would be a good topic.
  • A Raspberry Pi demo battery powered with solar power display - Tim to present
  • Beginners Linux - setting up, working with printers etc. Workshop style event at Leominster Grange Court?
  • Getting images off phones and using Gimp - Presenter reqd
  • Desktop flavours. Linux Distros - Julian
  • A group outing to the Makers club which is held in Bromyard every Tuesday. George has been a couple of times and can help here.

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The Beginner’s event is out in the lead at the moment. I’ll keep the vote open for a few more days .

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