Like to hear your feedback on this new Forum


Our HLUG Survey held a month ago, showed that we need to change the way we do things, move with the times, and perhaps also get back to basics to help members of all abilities and interests in the group.

This new ‘Discuss (‘Discourse’ to give it its real name)’ forum is part of these changes. I felt it was time to embrace something much more modern, interactive, searchable & easy to get into that can act as a resource for our group in the weeks, months and years to come.

I’d like to know your comments on the use of this forum, its usability, what you like and dislike and how it compares to the mailing list that we still will keep going for the time being.


I think it excellent, Julian; a good step forward and potentially much more useful than the old system.
I am probably biased in favour of Discourse because I have used it a great deal already on a forum with several hundred posts per week and a steady series of threads which reach the 100 post cutoff (recently changed from the original 5000 (?) setting which meant that threads rambled on and on…).

For any users new to it who may not at first like it I suggest putting up a few replies and seeing how easy it is to engage in dialogue. The usual problem on the other forum is too many posts but occasionally no replies at all.

(One feature I do find mildly irritating is the friendly system feedback which immediately make me think of the MS paper-clip - sorry about that Julian.)



Thanks for your thoughts on this Rodney.

I think its a lot better than a mailing list but i guess I am biased :wink: