July Meeting - THURSDAY 26th July



Sorry not to have emailed earlier been away on holidays.

As discussed previously we will be changing our days for the meetings a little bit.

In order to accommodate people who can’t normally come to our regular meetings on Wednesdays we will be having a few different dates on occasion. Normally I will have provided more notice but it’s not happed this time.

So our meeting will be this Thursday at 7.30pm at the Courtyard as usual.

Concerning the forum as it’s been broadly welcomed with people finding its newer format better than a mailing list I would like to retire our mailing list ie this that I’m contacting you on now. Having both a mailing list and forum would never work for our group. This won’t be done quickly but will be done carefully so we can get as many member on board the new forum as simply and easily as possible.

We can discuss how we do this on Thursday.

I’m also keen on setting up some beginner Workshop events soon so this can likewise be discussed on Thursday.

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Hi Jools,

Ah, well, it looks like I’ll be doing two HLUG meetings this week. Your message landed in my inbox a bit late this morning, for me to change our announcement on Meetup.

Tonight, (Wednesday), I have two (possibly three) new peeps expecting HLUG to be at the Courtyard, so I’ll go along for 7:30pm, as It would be rude not to.

Tomorrow evening, I’ll tell you if any newbies turned up! ^FM


Hi Fiona

Sorry for any confusion with the dates. I was on hols last week and not so well in the weekend so time went by quicker than I had planned to get the emails and posts about our meeting