Hello let me introduce myself


Hi everybody, my name is Scott Jordan and although I signed up a few weeks ago I have not chance to sign post anything or come to the last meeting (Wednesdays are hard to do).

My experience in Linux is limited. i can make a directory in the command line and other basic stuff but I am still learning. My profession is in teaching where I have taught electronics at school level and computer games design at college. I can program (badly) in python and lua but I am no way an expert in either.

Anyway I will leave it there for now, but my next post ( which will shortly follow this one) will asked a question about making apks.


Hi Scott

Thanks for joining the LUG. We will be doing some more workshops based on basic Linux knowledge so this might be useful to you. Please vote in the poll too as that helps us know what events people want to se next …

As we’re running this new forum (hope you like it) alongside the existing mailing list for now, you may wish to post your same posts on the main mailing list if you don’t get much response here as I only launched this yesterday and we’re still getting existing members to join this forum.