Has anyone any experience of beeware or kivy?


Hello has anyone any experience of the beeware project? I want to use python to build a basic Android app but for some reason I cannot get the program to recognise where java is stored to complete the build process. I think I have put the path into the bashrc file but it says that it cant find it.

I have tried kivy in the past but it is so hard to install and get running and even harder to get buildoz er to make an apk out of it.

However if anybody has any experience of either product i would love to hear from you.


Hello Scott

Firstly, welcome to the LUG. I hope you find our group useful to you.

I haven’t used beeware or Kivy I’m afraid but suggest you try the following to set your java environment variables

Also you should note if you’re using Oracle’s java or the Open source drop in replacement . usually it wouldn’t matter but it may possibly.

Also please let us know what Linux distribution you’re using too and that my might

Good luck