Beginners Linux Workshop October [photos]


Hi everyone

As Charlie couldn’t make the original date I have rescheduled the date of the Workshop at the Grange in Leominster to the next day of:-

Thursday 11th October 7.00 - 9.30 pm.

More details to follow soon


What will be shown? What about setting up a printer Samsung onto a Linux machine? Or is that too advanced?


Cheers, still able to attend. Lift share available from Hereford, too.


Hi Alexandra

We haven’t decided as yet. But certainly getting printers working with Linux will probably be on the list somewhere. A lot work out of the box but there’s still some makes that are harder work vthan others


Hello All,

Linux Beginners Event posted on Meetup: [Shortlink]

Link to b/w printable pdf poster: Getting Started with Linux and OS Poster

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Thanks for putting this together Fiona.

I’ll post details on the event on our website over the weekend


Just updated website earlier with details of the event


This event is on TONIGHT ! - See you at 7pm at Grange Court, Leominster


Thanks to everyone to turned up last night. Charlie and I experienced a few glitches during the workshop but that’s computing for you :wink:


A good event, which drew in an attentive audience. Very comfortable venue too. Thanks to Ane’ for finding the hidden staff kettle. :slight_smile: :cookie:


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Professor Charlie describing the do this, not that, of Linux installs.


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Printer driver troubleshooting advice from Julian. Accompanied by printed step-by-step factsheet.


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Successful install of Bionic Beaver 2018.


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Caption Competition! Add your own Linux troubleshooting meme-screen in Gimp. :nerd_face:


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Like the pics Fiona - thanks for posting them :wink:

Please find the Beginners Workshop Print Setup Guide that I presented above - hope its useful


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Please find Printer Set up notes presented during Workshop -