Beginners Event Poll - RESULTS


Hi all

A poll was held on our rather neat new HLUG forum (here!) to decide by our members which events were most interesting to Linux Newbies in the group. Its still in Beta (thus the temp URL for now).

The final results are in and we can see that a ‘Beginners Event - setting up, working with printers etc, Workshop style at Leominster Grange Court’ won out with a clear lead and 72% of the votes.

We can discuss when and who will be leading this at our Thursday meeting. If you want to help suggest and refine ideas for inclusion to this event please come along this Thursday and we can discuss in more depth the.



Working with printers
I’ve always found working with printers in linux and CUPS fairly straightforward, though my current Lexmark has a tendency to sleep a little to soundly when it goes in to power saving mode, so it has to be manually re-awakened before it prints. What I have always found more difficult is facilitating printing from windows to a CUPS printer and remembering to put that 631 port number CUPS uses at the end of the path.


Printers are far easier than they used to be with Linux but still some closed source drivers still need to have awkward install routines ie Samsung …


Oh for those glorious days when you could pretend that every laser printer was an HP Laserjet III and get away with it.