Ada Lovelace – Victorian computer programmer



I went along with the family (as we normally do) to the World Skills Show at the NEC in Birmingham last Saturday. There are many events to help youngsters learn about career opportunities for almost any craft or occupation from Makeup to Roof Laying, Butchery to Engineering and absolutely everything in between.

Amongst the events was an event about Ada Lovelace who is regarded as the World’s first programmer. She was introduced to Charles Babbage in 1833 who invented the Analytical Engine and I reckon the pair were streets ahead of anyone else up to a hundred years later.

The event was interesting, as it involved Ada and this amazing 3D LED dress with 4400 LEDs all controlled from Open source Arduino and Raspberry Pi units. You can watch Zoe Philpotts who presented her show at the Skills Show here :-

It was described as ’ An extraordinary tribute to the 19th century mathematician and writer who is believed to have played a vital role in the design of the first “computer”. Her story will be told through a performance, using an electronic dress and a virtual algorithm.’ which puts it better than I could.

There’s another interesting article about Ada here

Perhaps we should do an event next year to remember Ada and her contribution to Software.